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Special Small Soap Machines

Our twenty-year experience is soap field allows us to develop small soap machines for special products, such as translucent soap production machines, synthetic soap extruders and syndet bars small plodders. We also supply special extruders to produce solid shampoo (bar shampoo)
On this page you can see just  few examples of our small soap machines developed specifically for our customers. For any inquiries, please contact us.

Our SPECIAL Extruder type SE-SP SIMPLEX (also called special SIMPLEX Plodder SE-SP) have been designed to refine, compress and extrude special type of soap such as combo soap, syndet soap bars, synthetic soap and solid shampoo (shampoo bars).
These extruders assembles a powerful gearbox and a bigger motor compare with extruder SE.
The head cone ensures the output of a bar of soap well compacted.
  • Manufacture in stainless steel
  • Special extrusion cone
  • Heating/Cooling Circuit
  • Variable screw speed
  • Oversized gearbox and motor
  • Maximum output: Ø up to 75 mm

Our SPECIAL Extruder type SE-80 HRLD have been designed to extrude soap bars with big section, avoiding installing a big industrial soap extruder.
  • Capacity: up to 100 Kg/h
  • Manufacture in stainless steel
  • Long L/D Ratio: 9/1
  • Special extrusion cone
  • Cooling System with in/out
  • Variable screw speed
  • Maximum output: Ø 110 mm
  • Installed power: 4,5 kW

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