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Soap Flow Pack - Small Soap Machines

The SOAP FLOW PACK FLOW-30 (mechanical and electronic models) were developed to pack stamped soaps or cut soap bars. The FLOW-30 are the smallest soap flow pack machine on the market, developed for soap manufacturers that do not required big capacities, in fact these small soap flow packs was stuided to be placed on a workbench.
The main advantage of flow pack soap packaging is versatility on different levels: practical, aesthetic, without forgetting the application from an ecological and sustainable point of view.
Our Soap Flow Packs can use compostable and recyclable film, even bioplastics that make the soap packaging even more ecological and sustainable.

  • Length envelope: 60-120 mm (bigger on request)
  • Max soap height: 40 mm
  • Max Film roll width: 230 mm
  • Required power: 1,5 kw
  • Speed: 30 soaps per minute (50 electronic model)
  • Stainless steel feeding belt
  • Soap Infeed conveyor belt with pushers
  • Film holder shaft with centering cones
  • Adjustable side guides for the soaps
  • Centring Film Device with photocell.
  • Stainless steel basement

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