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Small Liquid Soap Machines

Small Machines for Liquid Soap and Hand Sanitizer
Due to the high number of requests that we receive every week for Small Soap Machines to produce Liquid Soap, thanks to our experience we developed a Small Line to produce Liquid Soap and other products like hand sanitizer, shampoo, bubble bath, detergents, dishwasher, starting from raw materials or concentrated bases, up to the packaging. The line is composed by a special Mixer for liquid soap to mix the raw materials or to mix the concentrated base with water; the product is transferred in one or more Storage Tanks by means of a special Pump studied for Liquid Soap; at this point the liquid soap pass by a filling machine that fills soap bottles. A capping machine close the cups on the bottles and a Labeling Machine applies the Label around the bottles of the liquid soap or other products.
Excluding the mixer, you get a filling line for liquid soap already prepared in drums and tanks. We can help the Customer to find the customized solution for the packaging, bottle shapes, cups, labels and all that concerns the project

Video of Soap Manufacturing Process ...wait few seconds...
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