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Soap Cutter - Small Soap Machines

The ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC SOAP CUTTER EPC-60 was developed to cut extruded soap bar in automatic way. The machine assembles an Electronic Encoder to measure the soap length and gives the signal to PLC to cut the continuous extruded soap bar, into soap bars with the set length. The Soap Cutting Machine EPC-60 is studied to change the length of the cut soap bars during the production, without to stop the machine.
The soap cutting blade and the pneumatic cylinder are assembled on the same group that moves with the same speed of the extruded soap bar to assure an accurate soap vertical cut.
OPTIONAL: Embossing Group with a customized insert to print the Customer Logo or written on the upper face of the cut soap bar.

• Capacity: up to 60 cuts per minute.
• adjustable cutting length: from 10 to 500 mm.
• maximum bar thickness: 50 mm.
• maximum bar width: 70 mm.
• PLC and Touch Panel
• Adjustable Height.
• Safety cover with micro-switch
• Lockable wheels with integrated feet.
• Basement in Stainless Steel.
• Teflon coated blade.
• Air Consumption: 50 litres/min.
• Weight: 90 Kg.
• Installed Power: 400 Watt.

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