Pilot Soap Machines - Small Soap Machines

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Pilot Soap Machines

Pilot Soap Machines
Pilot Soap Finishing Line, as well as Pilot Soap Machines are designed for soap laboratory, small soap Companies and Artisans that produce small batches of soap. This soap pilot line and pilot soap machines are designed to mix soap noodles with fragrances, to extrude soap bars and to produce stamped soaps.

Soap Noodles, fragrances and colour are mixed in the Pilot Soap Mixer. After the mixing the soap base is ready to be extruded by means the Pilot soap plodder (also called Pilot soap extruder). The extruded bar is cut and stamped by means the Pilot manual soap press or Pilot Pneumatic Soap Stamper to produce toilet soap.
We show your some photos of our Pilot soap equipment and pilot soap plant; for questions write us an email.

Pilot Soap Stamper
We supply two models of Pilot Soap Press, manual and pneumatic soap stampers.
With our Pilot soap press is posible to produce toilet soap samples up to 150 grams.
We also supply customized die-set (soap molds) with customized soap shape and logo stamped on the toilet soaps.
Pilot Soap Extruders
Our Pilot Plodders are developed to refine soap base and to extrude a compacted soap bar.
The Pilot Plodders can be simplex or duplex and can be supplied in 2 different sizes.
We also supply Pilot soap extruders build as per customer specifications.
Pilot Soap Mixer
We supply 2 sizes of Pilot soap mixer, to mix soap noodles with fragrance, color and additives used in soap making.
Our Pilot soap mixer are useful to produce small batches of soap base that will be worked with our Pilot soap Machines.
Pilot Saponification Plant
This pilot saponification plant is developed to produce small batches of soap, starting from oils/fats and caustic soda.
The produced soap base can be worked using the pilot soap finishing line (pilot mixer, pilot plodder and pilot soap press).
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