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Small Soap Machinery

Since we receive many requests from Artisans and small Companies, about small soap machines able to produce soap bars using Soap Noodles, we developed different solutions for low capacities, up to 150 Kg/hour, but with a similar technology of our industrial soap machines; in fact our Small Soap Machines are built following the mainly concepts and specifications of industrial soap machines. Wesupply Small Soap Mixers, small Soap Extruders/plodders, small Soap Presses, and all the small soap machines required by Artisan Companies. We supply complete soap lines but also single soap machines.
We also supply small machine for liquid soap manufacturing and complete liquid soap lines, to produce up to 1.000 liquid soap bottles per hour.
We also supply machines to produce solid shampoo and shampoo bars.

Our Company was founded starting on the basis of over 25 years of experience in industrial soap equipment, engineering, technical consultancy, installation, start up & training, and after sales service.
Our Small Soap Machines are made in our Factory in Italy and are tested before the shipment.

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